Dr Suzanne Higgins

Task Leader
Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute
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+44 (0)28 90255336

My research interests revolve around increasing the efficiency of soil nutrient management, to maximise production while minimising any detrimental environmental effects. I am particularly interested in the use of Precision Agriculture technology and techniques, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, remote sensing, aerial photography and electromagnetic induction scanning, for increasing nutrient use efficiency. I have expertise in monitoring and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from soils and have recently conducted a field study measuring nitrous oxide and ammonia fluxes from field plots in the period immediately following fertiliser applications. In addition, I am very interested in the use of lime and soil conditioners to enhance soil fertility and increase production. Examples of studies that I have carried out include; field trials examining the rate and form of lime (pelletised or ground, applied annually) on soil properties and grass productivity; and the effect of seaweed extracts on soil respiration.