Dr Sharon O'Rourke

Collaborating Researcher            
UCD School of Agriculture & Food Science
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Sharon O’Rourke is currently based at The University of Sydney where she is hosted by the Department of Environmental Sciences in the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment.  She is funded under the FP7 Marie Curie Fellowship programme for a period of three years, two of which will be spent based at USdy (May 2013 to 2015).  Sharon’s research aims to understand the role of small-scale spatial organisation of soil organic carbon within soil with respect to the long-term security of the abiotic carbon store.  In her project she is using a combination of hyperspectral imaging, chemometrics, X-ray fluorescence technology and pedometrics to build new scientific understanding of soil carbon security.  The third year of the project will see Sharon return to the School of Biosystems Engineering in University College Dublin to investigate soil carbon distribution in Irish soils from a range of agricultural management regimes.  Sharon’s other current research interests involve the development of infrared spectroscopy and x-ray fluorescence for the characterisation of soil (agronomic and geochemical properties) and nutrient management in grassland systems.